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From: <> Mon Dec 2 21:19:06 1996
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 96 15:46:06 -0500
From: Teimuraz Chkhenkeli <>
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Dear Interested Patron:

Georgia, one of the former soviet republics and one of the three independent
 states of transcaucasia, has assumed an important position in the
eurasian corridor. Both the revived silk road and the new pipe-line that
will bring central asian oil and gas to the west run through georgia and
exemplify this new position. In recognition of georgia's newly won
independence and more central role in the integration of the "southern
tier" with western europe and the americas, the library automation
association in georgia (laag)and the national library of georgia have
created an independent information- access service. Laag was founded in
1995 on the bases of the automation departments of the main georgian
libraries and consists now of 63 members. A generous grant from the
eurasia foundation has allowed us to create the present, unique service
which we call the "current awareness and document supply service". At
present, it is the only agency of this sort in the world that can assist
you in becoming aware of documents of all kinds published in georgia and
that can deliver them to you in various ways. The service can provide you
with the following products and services: 

Information products
1. Subject lists of books on sale in tbilisi and published in georgia in
1995-96 (total - 390 titles).
2. Subject lists of books in print in tbilisi publishing houses (total -144
3. List of newspapers and journals (with comments) that are currently
published in georgia (total - 245 titles) and available for subscription
beginning in 1997 (110 titles).

Information services
4. Weekly preparation of bibliographic lists of articles with keywords on a
requested subject by newspapers and journals issued in tbilisi during
previous week. 
5. Retrospective information retrieval on a requested subject in georgian
periodicals beginning from 1828 up to the present.
6. Retrospective information retrieval on a requested subject, author, type
of literature, etc. In catalogues(including electronic ones) of the largest
tbilisi libraries.

Translation services from georgian into russian, english, french, german and
vice versa.

Supply services
7. Purchase of requested materials and their dispatch by airmail.
8. Subscription to serials for the first six months of 1997 with regular
delivery of each issue by airmail.
9. Photocopying of requested materials and their dispatch by airmail. 
10. Scanning of requested materials and sending them by fax or e-mail.
11. Passing of international interlibrary loan requests to any tbilisi

Methods of payment
For all information products and services listed above, except services 4, 8
and 11, there is only one method of payment: setting up a deposit account 
(minimum $100 us) that will be enough to cover all of the ordered products
and services. For service 5 and 9, it's necessary to subscribe for half a
year by prepayment on a contractual basis and service 11 is free of charge.

Would you like to become our customer and to request a precise description
of our information products and services with a comprehensive price-list? 
We will highly appreciate any help in distributing this information letter
to those who might be interested in our service.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,

Teimuraz chkhenkeli
President of laag,
Deputy director of the
National library of georgia

Fax: +(995 32) 98 75 46, 
E-mail: <>

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