Let Them Shout
(Information of BGI - Daily News)

                                 Monday.  Issue Two.  10*28*1996


   * A MEETING TOOK PLACE IN TBILISI TODAY.  Political union "Round table
- Independant Georgia" organized a meeting, dedicated to the sixth
anniversa- ry of the elections of the first president of the independant
Georgia, Zvi- ad Gamsakhurdia.  There were approximately 300 participants.
Police did not interfere.  (For more information see "Report"). 


                                                           Maria Gurieli

                        LET THEM SHOUT...

   There were about 300 people by the monument "Deda ena" in Tbilisi. 
   The meeting was dedicated to the 6th anniversary of the elections of
the first president of the independant Georgia, Zviad Gamsakhurdia.  Or as
the representatives of the national forces say - the 6th anniversary of
the truely democratic elections to the SC of Georgia and elections of the
true president. 
   It was easy to get assured that he still lives in the hearts of his
sup- porters, mainly women. 
   There was a group of policemen nearby. 
   The leaders of the "Round table" took megaphones and mounted the stairs
of the monument.  The portraits of Zviad Gamsakhurdia, starting from his
childhood finished with his last photos appears in the hands of the women. 
   The member of the "Round table" Jemal Gamakharia mounted the stairs. 
   Flags appeared in the crowd. 
   - I congratulate all those who remembered this important date and came
here today. You are real patriots, although I would like to see more
people here. 
   Women in black put handcerchiefs to their faces. 
   Vice-speaker of the "Round table" Tengiz Kikacheishvili: 
   - "Round table" was always loyal to Zviad Gamsakhurdia.  I am sure,
that true government will reappear again soon. We visited regions and I
can say, that everything is being done in order to let national forces to
return to the government. 
   Megaphone broke at the most important part of his speech.  They tried
to fix it.  No use. 
   The speech of the leader of the party "Freedom of Georgia - future
gene- ration" Koba Bukia was followed by crying.  He said, that it is
needed to wait just a little bit more in order for justice to win, and
read his po- ems. In his poems he talked about his family which is
suffering because of this regime. 
   Women cried. 
   Jemal Gamakharia informed, that the meeting by the Russian ambassy was
boken up by the order of Shevardnadze. 
   - Down with illegal government! - shouted he. 
   - Down with! - shouted the crowd. 
   Representative of the "Round table" Vakhtang Tsagareishvili. 
   - We are gathering signitures for the demand to withdraw Russian forces
from Georgia.  We have to continue the work started by Zviad Gamsakhurdia. 
There is no Russian army in any of the civilized countries, we do not need
it either.  We have to achieve that, just Chechnia did. 
   The speeches completed with this. Participants of the meeting started
to read poems, dedicated to the great day. 
   I went to the policemen. 
   - Are not you going to bread them up? 
   Major smiled: 
   - Let them shout...

                             ** ** ** **

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