Georgian Language, Literature and Fonts

Great Shota Rustaveli and his
"Knight in the Panther's Skin" ("Vepkhistkaosani")
Published by Thesaurus Indogermanischer Text und Sprachmaterialien.

They have also published:

More Georgian Texts on the Internet
Courtesy of Thesaurus Indogermanischer Text- und Sprachmaterialien

  • Caxruxadze's "Tamariani"
  • Savteli's "Abdulmesiani"
  • "Visramiani"

  • A Small History of Georgian Book
  • Selected Works from Georgian Poetry
  • Transcription of the Georgian Alphabet

    All three of the above are from Famous People of Georgia,
    from Parliament of Georgia, courtesy of Nino Chickobava

    Check out this
    Online grammatical description of
    The Georgian Language
    A description of the Georgian language that was put together by P. J. Hillery
    It is meant to act as a first source for those interested in the details of how the language works.
    Also contains a bibliography of basic items on the language.


    Survival Georgian
    Click to order a Georgian phrasebook for speakers of English


    Do you want to learn Georgian?
    A possible answer to this question.
    This article was posted to the Georgian newsgroup

    You might want to check out the following books:

    George Hewitt
    "Georgian: A Learner's Grammar".

    ISBN 0-415-10273-1 (paperback) and 0-415-13324-6 (hardcover)
    London: Routledge, 1996.


    Professor Aronson
    "Georgian: A Reading Grammar"

    ISBN is 0-89357-207-1
    SLAVICA Publishers, Inc., PO Box 14388, Colombus, Ohio 43214, USA

    Now that you have studied Georgian have some fun!

    "OBOLI" Project
    Seven experimental literary booklets,
    created and produced by poet Kote Kubaneishvili, artist Dima Tsutskiridze, computer programmer Gia Gegelia and myself
    in June - July 1995.

    Silent Swim
    Poetry by Irakli Charkviani

    Georgian Fonts

    By Mr. Temuri Imnaishvili

    * * *

    Also by Mr. Imnaishvili
    Georgian True Type Fonts

    Screen Capture
    Complex Realization of Georgian Fonts
    Tech complex for realization of Georgian scripture in Win 3.1 environment, By Georgian political emmigration.
    In Georgian language, Courtesy of Shavlego

    and here are:

    Georgian Fonts for MS-DOS, Windows and Mac
    usable for the Internet, WWW, E-mail

    From Shavlego, courtesy of Reno Siradze

  • The first electronic publication - first Web-site in Georgian language!

    Deda Ena
    Deda Ena
    You can download necessary fonts from here.
    This site, as well as the fonts are courtesy of Shavlego and Mr. Reno Siradze.

    Georgian Version
    of State of the Environment - Georgia
    You can read about SoE - Georgia and its authors
    I would like to thank the So E-Georgia project for permission to use their map